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Intuitive Eating

What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating is a philosophy that encompasses a new way of approaching wellness and health beyond just eating. This approach was created by two RDNs in order to help their clients have healthier relationships with food and their bodies. Intuitive Eating is based on the premise that we are all born with the innate wisdom we need to eat, move our bodies, and live healthy lives. This inner body knowledge is disrupted by many forces as we are immersed in the diet mentality of our culture. The diet culture encourages unhealthy eating patterns and promotes habits that end up doing more harm than good for both physical and psychological health.

Intuitive Eating helps us to reconnect to our inner body wisdom, to relearn the information that our body provides us with in order to live more abundant lives, and provides a new framework within to apply gentle nutrition principles to address medical concerns related to eating. Intuitive Eating is much more than “eating when you’re hungry, stopping when you’re full” and is not just “eating whatever you want, whenever you want.” It encompasses 10 principles:

1. Reject the diet mentality

2. Honor your hunger

3. Make peace with food

4. Challenge the food police

5. Respect your fullness

6. Discover the satisfaction factor

7. Honor your feelings without using food

8. Respect your body

9. Exercise - feel the difference

10. Honor your health

Lauren is an Intuitive Eating Certified Counselor. You can see the extensive research literature supporting this approach here.