Lauren Cash Nutrition Therapy
Eating Disorder Dietitian in Redondo Beach and the South Bay


Feeling better in your body does not come from a “nutrition expert” telling you what, when, and where to eat.

You need a compassionate partner.


Your body has the innate wisdom to know how to fully nourish itself.

Sure, things interrupt this intrinsic body wisdom between the time we are infants until now, which is why you are here. The eating disorder and disordered eating has gotten in the way of hearing the voice of your inner mentor. The diet mentality that you live submerged in day in and day out has a voice so loud it drowns out your interoceptive awareness.


You can learn to trust your body again. You can discover how to trust yourself too, even around food.

Although a lot of nutrition counseling revolves around what to eat, what not to eat, a meal plan, points, weight and height, and maybe even calorie recommendations, that is not my approach.

Nutrition therapy is a whole body process. We are not just bodies and we also live an embodied life. All aspects of our being – physiological, psychological, and spiritual – need to be integrated while we figure out how to feel better. Nutrition therapy is client-focused, process-oriented, and built within the context of relationship.

While working together, the space will be created for you to explore your experience in this world in your body and how that influences how you care for yourself. We will learn how to live and cope in a diet culture that pretends that it is no longer a diet culture, yet parades thinness and specific body types as social currency. This type of therapy combats distorted beliefs about food and body, by integrating the science behind how the mind and body works, and how food can be nourishing to both.

Nutrition science is infused with psychology to create a space for healing, filled with empathy.

You are here to make the world more beautiful in your own specific way, don’t let your food-body struggles hold you back from living your best life.


In nutrition therapy sessions we will seek meaning and define intentions together. We will explore the possibility of change that you truly desire by developing a unique package and timeline specifically suited to your needs.

While we acknowledge it will not be an overnight fix, progress is made through a variety of supports. Momentum will be encouraged between sessions by utilizing 21st century digital tools such as virtual sessions, secure messaging, and an app for food & feelings journals, to name a few. 


Lauren Cash Nutrition Therapy provides flexible, individualized care, tailored for your sustainable growth.


What if you could live the life you wanted?

Guess who gets to decide?

That’s right.



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